Burn Official

Burn Official: Nathaniel Fabian
Phone: 508-365-7543

When considering burning, call the Town Burn Official. At that time, you will either be issued a permit, or informed that the fire danger is too high and a permit will not be issued.

In accordance with Section 22a-174(f) of the Connecticut General Statutes, all residents in the Town of Eastford must contact the Town Burn Official before burning of any kind to secure a “permit to burn”.  Please be advised that it is illegal to burn brush without a permit. 

Unpermitted burns will be extinguished when reported.  Burning of anything other than brush less than 3 inches in diameter is prohibited. If a resident is reported to be burning brush without a permit or anything other than brush, the Burn Official will give a verbal warning. The fire will be extinguished.

A second time, the Fire Marshall and Burn Official will file a second report at the same residence.  The fire will be extinguished.

A third and final warning will involve the State Police and Burn Official.  The fire will be extinguished and a fine levied for an illegal burn.