Cemetery Committee


Tom Latham
Linda Torgeson
Toni Doubleday

Article: Preserving Eastford’s Old Cemetery

Town of Eastford
Resolution Creating a


The Board of Selectmen shall appoint a Cemetery Committee consisting of three to
five members, said members to serve three year terms.  The Cemetery Committee will perform duties necessary as described below in advising and assisting the Board of Selectmen in the preservation of Eastford cemeteries.

This may include the following areas:

Organizational Concerns

  • Developing a Plan
  • Working with Volunteers
  • Public Awareness
  • Security
  • Graveyard as an Educational Tool
  • Funding 

Documentation and Research

  • Documenting the Graveyard
  • Research
  • Surveys
  • Site Management Plan
  • Mapping the Graveyard
  • Archaeology

Conservation Issues 

  • Safety
  • Cleaning and Maintaining the Site
  • Landscaping
  • Find a Grave Marker Professional
  • Stone in Graveyards 


  • Observing Respect
  • Maintaining Historic Integrity
  • Gravestone Rubbing
  • Removal of Gravestones

A member of the Committee will confer with the First Selectman every months to advise him/her and continually refine the scope of work.  The First Selectman shall apprise the Board of Selectmen of the Committee’s activities.