ECHPC Initiatives

ECHPC – Initiatives

2021 Initiatives include:

  • Open Space protection on 170 Eastford Road
    The successful acquisition of development rights was purchased by the Town of Eastford.

  • Pollinator Pathway Initiative
    The launch of the Pollinator Pathway in Eastford has been sucessful and continues to expand.

  • Continued effort to eradicate Water Chestnut
    The efforts have paid off.  For the past 2 years the monitoring of the area has shown no European Water Chestnut growth.

  • Redesigned and updated website hosting
    We have moved our website hosting to the Town of Eastford’s Blackboard platform 


2020 Initiatives include:


2019 Initiatives include:


2018 Initiatives include:


2017 Initiatives include:


2016 Initiatives include:


2015 Initiatives include:


2014 Initiatives include:


2013 Initiatives include:


2012 Initiatives include:


2011 Initiatives include:

  • Inventorying Eastford’s Natural Resources & Trails Using Computer Mapping Techniques
  • Providing Community Education on Open Space Protection Tools and Techniques
  • Eastford Heritage Day Tours & Displays
  • Providing Conservation & Historic Resource Information to the Planning & Inland Wetlands Commissions to Aid in Subdivision Review
  • Maintaining Partnerships outside Eastford (e.g. with Chaplin & Hampton) to Continue Developing the Natchaug River Watershed Plan
  • Creating an Extension of the Existing (established 2006 by the Commission) Walking Greenway along the Historic Old Boston Turnpike (off Old Colony Road)
  • Working to Eradicate Invasive Water Weeds from Eastford Ponds
  • Documenting Vernal Pools

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