ECHPC – Pollinator Pathways

Pollinator Pathway LogoECHPC – Pollinator Pathway Initiative

“Pollinators are responsible for the production of about 75 percent of our food and flowering plants. We are excited to bring the Pollinator Pathway to Eastford. Many people that I spoke with mentioned that they are seeing less bees in their yard. Other pollinators including butterflies, moths, birds and bats are also on the decline,” said Joanne Warren

Pollinator Pathway Sign
 Get on the map and get a sign!
Register your property, list your native plants and once accepted the ECHPC is providing a limited number of signs at No Charge.

Please consider including your property on the map. The Pollinator Pathway Map does not publish personal identifying information.

Register your property today and help support and promote this environmental grassroots phenomenon.

Tiger Swallow tail on Liatirs    Bee on Calendula    Bee on Echinacea        

Deny yourself the connection to the wild places that your soul craves and the fire inside you will slowly turn to ash.

Creek Stewart