ECHPC – Town Pound

ECHPC – Town Pound

On the corner of Pound Rd. and John Perry Rd. Eastford, CT Built in 1849.

Eastford’s agricultural history included the regulation and impoundment of straying farm animals. In 1849, early Eastford officials contracted with their pound keeper, Ephriam Trowbridge, to build a pound. Eastford’s Town Pound still stands, on Pound Road! Today the encircling stone walls are about 5 feet high, though originally they may have been higher. The pound is large, being 7 rods square. Construction matches mid-19th century techniques: large field stones at the bases of the walls, probably moved by teams and sledges, with smaller stones, probably lifted by hand, on top.Some openings among the stones may have been there originally and purposefully, so that stray sheep in the enclosure might see out, be calmer, and, thus, better behaved! The gate posts show obvious quarry marks, and the holes into which we have placed hardware for our 21st century gate are original to the stones’ first settings.

The Eastford Conservation and Historical Preservation Commission is charged to preserve Eastford’s history as well as to conserve its land, so the Town Pound, closely connected with Eastord’s beginnings and agricultural heritage, has been a natural focus. Come Visit!

The Town Pound has been given a new gate and cleaned up for visitors to appreciate the history. Thanks to a group effort the Town Pound looks great.

Eastford Town Pound in Winter